Chamber 3 – The Relaxation Chamber

When you need the contentment of relaxation without the amusement of discovering new works of art in your space you weren’t aware of when you first checked in, then the relaxation chamber is for you.

Perfectly styled in a class which suits both the era of the building and today’s luxury, chamber 3 is a space to suit even the most harsh Tripadvisor critic.

Modern, luxury fittings interspersed with a collection of antiques like the Louie XV wardrobe and antique table to dine upon means you still get that urban nochalance in a more calm environment.

Not to say it’s vanilla by any stretch of the imagination. Oh no sir, there is no vanilla here.

There is comfort, there is street, there is luxury, there is history – it’s like we’ve taken all of the ingredients, put them on a cold stone and added them to vanilla to produce something that frolic’s over your taste buds. But certainly not vanilla.

Chris & Georgina

The décor and details on the apartment were sublime