Chamber 2 – The Hendrix Chamber

The Hendrix Chamber. He stayed here. Actually that is a blatant lie, but there is street art in this chamber featuring his likeness so for a night or few you can also feel like you’re a rockstar.

A mix of industrial light fittings, decorative ceilings, partially exposed brick walls and marble tiles work together to create elegant interest and character without being a sensory overload.

The art adorning the walls isn’t limited to the likeness of Mr Hendrix though, and each time you look around you’ll most likely find something new to catch your interest.

Of course the Hendrix Chamber features our famous bed that the man himself would’ve enjoyed his slumber in, whilst the finish on everything is beautifully luxurious. Some how, the styling has resulted in this gorgeous unpretentious little hideaway you’ll want to FaceTime your friends in to make them jealous.

The floor plan in this chamber is certainly different from anything else you’ve ever stayed in before, but we’ve made effective use of the space in order to offer 4 chambers instead of 3. Having said that though, should you require an extra bedroom, this one connects to Chamber 1 – except on wedding nights, because that’s no way to begin a life of marital bliss.

Pam, Keilor East

You will have me back again without question next time we have to go to Mildura