Chamber 1 – The Vault Chamber

It sounds like some sort of Victorian torture, but it’s absolute luxury, just without the snobbery. This first chamber is full of quirks and understated luxury like the incredible free standing bath under the even more exquisite bird cage that houses the bathroom light.

You could be mistaken for thinking you were bathing in a century old French villa on the Riviera.

With the partially exposed original brick walls, incredible wall art like Banksy has spent a night or two in here, exposed copper pipes in the a magnificent double shower for all manner of grooming activities, luxury fittings and furnishings taken from other historic parts of town, you get a sense that the walls are smiling at you, and want to tell you to story. And they can, with wall mounted Netflix enabled Smart TV’s.

There’s also the vault. The vault is original to the building and now a walk in robe to house your most valuable of delicate items, because we always travel with $300 Gucci underpants, don’t you?

Our famously comfortable beds made complete with our bespoke bedding and linen gives that unmistakable Indulge luxury in a heterogeneous environment. This all adds up to our own brand of luxury in an urban, earthy, historic building and an experience you just won’t get anywhere else in Mildura, probably not anywhere else in the state. Let’s be honest, you just don’t find apartments like this every day. Especially not ones called “Chambers!”

Kim, Sydney

It was just what we needed after a 5+ hour drive from Adelaide