Mildura The Urban Collection

Indulge Apartments – Chamber of hidden wonders strategically hidden in Mildura’s CBD.

In fact, there are four hidden chambers that have nothing to do with being a wizard.

The Indulge Urban Collection uses the historic Equity Chambers (circa 1937) building to create an eclectic accommodation sanctuary right in the centre of Mildura.

This stunning art deco building uses everything that was once contained within the chambers themselves, including the vault to create a style that is all it’s own. It’s street wise, it’s savvy, it’s full of secrets and of course, they are luxurious without ruining the history and stories contained within the walls. The best way to describe this indescribable property – nonchalant luxury.

Each chamber, as different as they are come fully furnished with everyday essentials as Indulge knows them. Nepresso coffee machines, because we don’t go without coffee and we certainly don’t expect you too, front loading washer dryers in case you spill said coffee on your business shirt, Netflix enabled TV’s because you should be able to keep up with Mindhunter, no matter where you are, and high speed internet shouldn’t be a luxury or an added extra, it’s essential to us and Netflix wouldn’t work without it.

Chamber 1

Chamber 2

Chamber 3

Chamber 4

63 Deakin Ave, Mildura, Victoria

Drive Walk Km’s
Airport 10 min 10
Restaurants 0 min 1 min <1
CBD 0 min 0 min <1
Train / Bus 1 min 3 min <1
Hospital 3 min 15 min 2

Wendy, Randwick

The studio apartment was fantastic!!